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When you choose to use TotalEnergies's extensive range of products, you're sending a strong message to your customers: your business does not compromise on quality. You not only ensure that you're treating vehicles with optimum care, but you're also giving yourself options. TotalEnergies Lubrifiants' high-performance TotalEnergies and ELF brand ranges offer you just the right product, whether you're a single- or multi-manufacturer dealership or garage.

Products that provide performance

Why is TotalEnergies one of the most respected names on the market? Because we hold ourselves to high standards. TotalEnergies Lubrifiants is committed to intensive, continuous research and development to create products that:

  • protect against wear by reducing friction and corrosion,
  • prevent engines from overheating,
  • safeguard cylinder compression and maximize engine efficiency,
  • ensure engines are clean by preventing the deposit of impurities,
  • help reduce fuel consumption , thereby cutting running costs,
  • benefit the environment by reducing emissions of CO2 and other pollutants.

We help you make the right choices for your business

TotalEnergies Lubrifiants has a vast product offer for cars, comprising two brands: TotalEnergies and ELF. Count on us to advise you on the best products for your dealership or garage. We take pride in our expertise, passion, and the prestige of our products, and we work closely with you to help you deliver excellence, whether your business services a single make of car or many.

TotalEnergies ENGINE OILS

Through the efforts of our two development centers and 110 researchers, we have developed QUARTZ, an extensive range of high-performance lubricants for light vehicles.

These oils are laboratory-tested on engine test benches, imposing the very strictest constraints. TotalEnergies Lubrifiants' commitment to Motorsports and the results obtained in Grand Prix and World Championship racing have helped develop these products.

Major technological advances have been possible thanks to our R&D partnerships with car manufacturers. By pooling research work, we have been able to aid in the reduction of fuel consumption and further protect engines and their post-treatment systems.

Whatever your cars' engine constraints, QUARTZ lubricants are the solution:

TotalEnergies CLASSIC

TotalEnergies CLASSIC 5W-40 is a high-quality lubricant that protects engines (especially the valve train) against wear and corrosion. It meets ACEA A3/B4 andAPI SL/CF standards.


We often think of lubricating the engine, but don't let your customers forget the importance of a well-oiled gearbox! We offer gearbox oils and transmission fluids for both manual and automatic vehicles.
Discover our oils for manual gearboxes
Discover our transmission fluids for automatic gearboxes


Choosing the right oil matters more today than ever before. ELF, a TotalEnergies brand, specially formulates its oils to meet and exceed the specifications (API, ACEA, SAE, etc.) for today's cars and high-performance engines.

ELF is a supplier for major racing series and events such as WSR and the Dakar rally , developing motor oils from the technology learned on the racetrack. A number of partnerships with manufacturers also inform our oil research and development.

ELF engine oils are segmented into three categories:

PREMIUM - the most comprehensive technical qualities (international specifications and car manufacturer approvals). It includes: