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Trucks, bus and coach dealers


Dealers operating in the heavy-duty vehicle sector require a highly specialized range of lubricant products in order to maintain their trucks, buses and coaches properly.

There is no generic solution when it comes to lubricating these powerful and complex engines, which is why TotalEnergies Zambia works closely with its transport partners to identify and deliver specialized products that are suitable for trucks, buses and coaches.

Specialized products for both single- and multi-manufacturer dealerships

Single-manufacturer dealerships will benefit from TotalEnergies's diverse range of manufacturer-certified lubricants. TotalEnergies lubricants are recommended by a number of vehicle manufacturers, including Mercedes, MAN, DAF and Scania. For dealerships carrying multiple makes, TotalEnergies Zambia can offer a range of products tailored to suit every vehicle you carry. We are a one-stop shop for everything you need. Furthermore, our motor oil analysis is recommended for dealerships keen to provide high-quality after-sales service.

Sector-specific products

Trucks, buses and coaches require specific lubricants that go above and beyond what the average car might require. TotalEnergies lubricants for this sector are specially formulated to:

  • extend oil change intervals,
  • reduce wear by limiting friction,
  • keep engines clean and operating smoothly,
  • promote fuel economy,
  • minimize downtime and repair time.

The bottom line for your business

A highly specialized lubricant is the best choice you can make to preserve and protect your products, serve your customers, and ultimately promote your business' longevity in the sector.

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