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Sign up online for TotalEnergies solutions!


Today, signing up online for your TotalEnergies card offers a number of benefits. In a few clicks, find the card that suits your needs and your profile.

Extranet This is an interactive web-based tool that enables you to log in and perform selected tasks on your account. Services available on the extranet include: • Creation of credit top-ups • New cards request online • Card blacklisting online • Accessing reports on your card usage • Extraction of selected reports The web page of the extranet is

The benefits of signing up online

They signed up for their card online, here are their testimonials!


company director

“Being the boss means a lot of responsibility. Being able to sign up online has saved me valuable time, which I have been able to devote to developing my business.”



“I was able to compare offers from home before making a decision. Then I chose my card directly from the site, without moving from my couch.”



“I ordered my card online and 5 minutes later I received confirmation that my request was approved. It’s so much easier!”