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Motorcycle dealer franchises & garages


Whether you're a garage that services a single manufacturer's models or a franchise that works on all makes, you need to stay ahead of the curve. You can do this by offering the newest technology and highest quality products. At TotalEnergies Zambia, we anticipate your needs so that you can anticipate those of your most passionate and demanding customers. They don't compromise on quality and exceptional service, so why should you?

Building trust through performance

In the intense world of motorcycling, consumers are loyal to the brands that have a proven track record of high-level performance. By carrying our lubricants, you automatically elevate your garage to the upper echelon, sending a message to your customers that you're committed to maximizing power and performance. It's no coincidence that so many motorbike manufacturers choose TotalEnergies and ELF lubricants to power their products—from the first fill.

A diverse product range meeting every need

TotalEnergies offers a vast product range that meets the daily use requirements of all types of two-wheelers and engines. We're a one-stop shop for every lubricant you'll ever need. Our products are derived directly from research conducted for racing champions, and has been approved by major motorcycle manufacturers to comply with the most stringent international standards.

Ideal for both single- and multi-brand businesses

TotalEnergies/ELF's lubricants cover every need you may have, whether you're a single- or a multi-manufacturer dealership or garage. Known for our expertise, passion, and the prestige of our products, TotalEnergies Zambia works closely with clients to help them achieve their full potential.

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Ready to serve all types of garages

We have a long history of working with establishments that service one particular manufacturer, as well as those that take on all kinds. We can offer a variety of lubricants that are suitable for every motorcycle you carry and maintain. Additionally, TotalEnergies's line of specialized products meets the certifications of manufacturers such as HONDA, KAWASAKI and YAMAHA.

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