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Garden equipment

Good news for those with a green thumb: TotalEnergies Lubrifiants has a complete range of products dedicated to gardening!

A synthetic lubricant for gasoline 4-stroke engines used for mechanized farming and gardening in both professional and leisure contexts.

The benefits for you
- Excellent thermal stability
- Guarantees a clean motor
- Enables extended use without mechanical issues

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This synthetic oil is designed for hard-wearing gardening equipment. PROSYLVA 2T SN keeps motors running at full capacity, even with frequent use at high temperatures.

The benefits for you
- Eliminates fouling and clogging problems
- Offers extremely high heat resistance
- Features strong anti-corrosion properties, keeping your motor in top condition even when not in use for long periods
- Reduced smoke formulation
- Mixes well with both leaded and unleaded gasoline to produce a homogenous and stable mix

This oil is suitable for 2-stroke gas engines in lawnmowers, tillers, brush-cutters, hedge-trimmers, and more.

The benefits for you
- Ensures good performance, even at high temperatures
- Burns without leaving deposits
- Provides protection against sparkplug fouling
- Reduced smoke formulation
- Includes anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-wear properties

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MTC 100/150/220
Opt for the 100-grade oil for mechanical chainsaws mounted on harvesters, and use the 150- and 220-grade for hand-held chainsaws and conveyors.

The benefits for you
- Increases equipment life by reducing friction
- Cuts down on chain wear
- Long-lasting formulation for reduced oil consumption

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