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Truck, bus and coach

Whether you manage or sell fleets of heavy-duty vehicles, TotalEnergies Zambia is your ideal partner to help keep your trucks, buses and coaches in excellent shape. Our comprehensive range of lubricants meets your every need, from enhancing fuel economies to reducing vehicle downtime. We have specialized products for both single- and multi-manufacturer fleets and dealerships . Our products are adapted to all different makes of truck, bus and coach. We're ready to help you identify the products that are right for your vehicles.

TotalEnergies oils for trucks, buses and coaches go above and beyond what the average automobile might require. Our RUBIA range of engine oils is one of the most comprehensive on the market, specially formulated to:

  • extend oil change intervals,
  • reduce wear by limiting friction,
  • keep engines clean and operating smoothly,
  • promote fuel economies,
  • minimize downtime and repair time.

Our RUBIA product line is segmented into three categories. In addition, TotalEnergies also offers transmission oils for heavy-duty vehicles: