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Industrial hygiene, employee health and product quality are absolute priorities.

It is the policy of TotalEnergies Zambia to reasonably establish, maintain and promote the highest standards of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality management.


In so doing, the organisation aims to prevent personal injury and illness, fires, property damage and environmental degradation and thereby ensuring the availability of world class product and superior customer service.

We are committed to deliver high quality and safety standards through out our distribution process. We monitor each step of our supply chain regularly to ensure that we provide you with quality products and heightened safety.

Fuel Quality:

At TotalEnergies Zambia we have implemented strict procedures through our distribution process and control our products regularly to check for potential defeats such as air oxidation or water presence in the products.

Lubricants Quality:

All our products are certified and delivered in sealed packages.

Controlling risks in service stations: At TotalEnergies Zambia we work hard everyday to guarantee the safety of our staff ad customers through equipments and installations such as extinguishers, sand boxes, padlocked fill boxes. Also, our teams are regularly trained to deal with risky situations